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Opposites Attract by 6Carnal6Desire6 Opposites Attract :icon6carnal6desire6:6Carnal6Desire6 1 0 Labrinyth-03 by 6Carnal6Desire6 Labrinyth-03 :icon6carnal6desire6:6Carnal6Desire6 0 0 Labrinyth-02 by 6Carnal6Desire6 Labrinyth-02 :icon6carnal6desire6:6Carnal6Desire6 0 1 Labrinyth-01 by 6Carnal6Desire6 Labrinyth-01 :icon6carnal6desire6:6Carnal6Desire6 0 0 True Beauty by 6Carnal6Desire6 True Beauty :icon6carnal6desire6:6Carnal6Desire6 1 0 The Wraith by 6Carnal6Desire6 The Wraith :icon6carnal6desire6:6Carnal6Desire6 0 0 The Ringmaster by 6Carnal6Desire6 The Ringmaster :icon6carnal6desire6:6Carnal6Desire6 0 0 The Riddle Box by 6Carnal6Desire6 The Riddle Box :icon6carnal6desire6:6Carnal6Desire6 1 0 The Great Milenko by 6Carnal6Desire6 The Great Milenko :icon6carnal6desire6:6Carnal6Desire6 0 0 The Amazing Jeckel Brothers 01 by 6Carnal6Desire6 The Amazing Jeckel Brothers 01 :icon6carnal6desire6:6Carnal6Desire6 1 0 Carnival of Carnage by 6Carnal6Desire6 Carnival of Carnage :icon6carnal6desire6:6Carnal6Desire6 0 0 Bittersweet Death by 6Carnal6Desire6 Bittersweet Death :icon6carnal6desire6:6Carnal6Desire6 0 0
Mature content
Her Last Year :icon6carnal6desire6:6Carnal6Desire6 1 0
Winter Ice by 6Carnal6Desire6 Winter Ice :icon6carnal6desire6:6Carnal6Desire6 0 0 Character From A Novel 02 by 6Carnal6Desire6 Character From A Novel 02 :icon6carnal6desire6:6Carnal6Desire6 1 0 Character From My Novel by 6Carnal6Desire6 Character From My Novel :icon6carnal6desire6:6Carnal6Desire6 0 0


He was waking or he was falling asleep, neither, both at once. This was a dream. This was the only thing he had ever known. It made no difference, he trailed his own body like ripples after a rock, smoothing and breaking and smoothing again.
His feet moved tirelessly, without thought. No longer human, only the Walk was real. For minutes, or for months; time was fluid and distant. Walk.
He broke and a low mountain pulled him forward. Smoothed. Broke into flatlands, into shallow water. Into the evening, into the weak dawn.
Smoothed, back into the soft yellow lights behind his eyes. Walk.
He was not alone. This thought came from his bones, the heavy vibrations that shook them. It was something known, not something learned. It was like becoming aware of his own breath.
After a moment, without any real intent, his head raised. The yellow lights flickered. He could see three trees surrounding him. No, three hills. No. Three monstrous beasts. No. Three brothers.
He was waking after
:iconsaartha:saartha 141 39
When you're five years old you set a promise in the dark, your sister's ice-queen eyes witness. Millie is sitting straight-backed against the headboard, face wide and earnest, and it seems as if the world has heaped itself on her shoulders, or maybe it's the strangeness of midnight.
"We can't make our wills or anything like that until we're eighteen," she says fiercely. "But I might forget this by then."
In later years you will find time to reflect that you're not as whimsical as Millie; young, you only think then that you could never forget something this important. But you can't argue with the three-years-older she holds above your head (the wisest bestest elder sister in the world.)
Your love for her borders on hero-worship, and looking back, you sometimes wonder if that's healthy.
The door bangs shut. "Jodie!"
How strange, the way it works: your hand is frozen to the table in the way it should have been on the phone, but that was minutes ago and maybe it was delayed-reaction, becau
:iconsolarune:Solarune 160 86
Visual kei CIRCUS by DarkCrea Visual kei CIRCUS :icondarkcrea:DarkCrea 1,652 164 Mes Blue Stories :page no.13: by ixykix Mes Blue Stories :page no.13: :iconixykix:ixykix 1,007 64 Tennessee Tracks.. by babyrubydoll Tennessee Tracks.. :iconbabyrubydoll:babyrubydoll 761 347
The reflection in the Mirror is no longer broken,
The flower in Bloom no longer stained,
The song that I Sing is no longer sad,
The Unconditional love I feel is no longer strained.
The Supernova I see is an explosion of desire,
The Unknown no longer compels me to fear,
If a Hospital is where I seal my fate,
Let it be known I died loving You, my dear.
:iconriku727:Riku727 597 62
I thought he loves me by PixieCold I thought he loves me :iconpixiecold:PixieCold 3,219 172 Batman Inspired. by KikiMJ Batman Inspired. :iconkikimj:KikiMJ 3,340 150 The Witch (Halloween makeup) by Chuchy5 The Witch (Halloween makeup) :iconchuchy5:Chuchy5 4,539 214 Crazy Peacock by PixieCold Crazy Peacock :iconpixiecold:PixieCold 4,502 172 Crime Scene lip art by Chuchy5 Crime Scene lip art :iconchuchy5:Chuchy5 6,678 806
Whiskey Laden Dreams
Bitter eyes and tears might taint a drink, but sitting in this bar alone with your stool pulled out next to me, and the Martini poured regardless of your presence still brings a smile to my face; despite the taste. I'm having a whiskey myself; dry. Yes, I know I don't drink, but every once in a while you need whiskey to solve an intricate problem, and mine is the distinct lack of alcohol in my life.
There are people everywhere and it amazes me how none of them are you, from the woman in the black dress coming down the stairs to the signing couple in the corner, laughing silently. They're not you at all, and that's what's amazing – in an ocean of coal you're a marble pebble, smooth to the touch and pleasant to the eye, and you don't leave me scarred.
I'll kick back the tumbler for now, refilling your drink when necessary, despite you never having it. The waitress will look at me with tired eyes and concerned words, but I'll insist I'm drinking with a friend, whilst that sad g
:iconwyvernletdie:WyvernLetDie 151 54
Ice Cream Sandwich 2 by bittykate Ice Cream Sandwich 2 :iconbittykate:bittykate 1,017 73 Wedding 5 by OkTaYBiNGoL Wedding 5 :iconoktaybingol:OkTaYBiNGoL 1,245 59 You're The One.. by Khomenko You're The One.. :iconkhomenko:Khomenko 7,922 486
You Can Say That Again
*Flash fiction Island style
Jesus saves!  I cast you out in the name of Jesus!  So screams the preacher man slamming his palm against foreheads to drive out demons.  Not more than a few feet away from the pulpit, an eighteen year-old member of his congregation claps her hands and shouts hallelujah!  
Jesus' name is again invoked a few days later as they lay sweating and groaning in the back seat of a rented car.
-See me and come live with me is two different ting
The girl is pretty in an unrefined way, brash and loud and totally unselfconscious.
Baby powder coats her neck, chest and back, visible in her low cut top.  
Her rival, five years her senior, cuts her eye in contempt. 'Country booboo,' she thinks. 'She look like fish ready to fry.  Plus she skin ashy and she look like she doan know how to use hot-comb.'  
Despite her belief in her superiority, her man doesn't come back.
-Puss and dog no have d
:iconleyghan:leyghan 70 54


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I found the time within my busy schedule to upload some of my old artwork that had been completed during my years in high school. It has been awhile since I been on my old laptop due to a broken screen but I recovered my artwork and poetry which could not make me happier. For now, I do have to get started on my homework. I have been on "break" too long. The plus side to it is that I made a homemade chocolate cake, messed up the icing (do not use granulated sugar; use powdered sugar or confectioner's sugar) and was able to do the dishes. Felt good to get some things done.


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I am nineteen years old with a beautiful daughter. I find her to be my photographic muse as well as nature and just ordinary surroundings. I find different inspiration in different people. People give me a reading based mainly on their posture and how they present themselves to me. When I get to know who you are, what you do, fear, desire, aspire, and dream to be; I can find insipiration in that. Unfortunately since I left high school, I haven't had much inspiration. I have become a hopeless romantic when it comes to my writing. You know we break up and get back to get together. It can drive a person mad but someday I will be that person that ends up on the Best Seller's List. I just have to find that one moment.


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